Total Patients Enrolled = 9746 patients


To study the epidemiology of demyelinating disorders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region.

Primary and Secondary Endpoints

  • To measure the prevalence and incidence rates of MS in MENA region
  • To study the natural history of MS across various countries in the MENA region
  • To study the clinical demographics, clinical characteristics and MRI features of MS patients

Members of the Registry

Country Neurologist Centers Patients Enrolled
Kuwait Raed Alroughani Amiri Hospital 1966
Tunisia Riadh Gouider Razi Hospital 400
Egypt Fathi Shereen Maadi MS Center 10
Lebanon Bassem Yamout American University of Beirut Medical Center 1130
United Arab Emirates Jihad Inshasi Rashid Hospital 200
Iran Vahid Shaygannejad Al-Zahra Hospital 2692
Iran Seyed Aldin Sajedi Golestan 875
Saudi Arabia Talal Al-Harbi King Fahad Specialist Hospital 156
Saudi Arabia Mona Alkhawajah King Faisal Specialist & Research Center 0
Saudi Arabia Eslam Shosha Prince Sultan Military Medical Center 0
Oman Abdullah Al-Asmi Sultan Qaboos University Hospital 204
Egypt Magd Zakaria Ain Shams 2044
Jordan Khalid El-Salem King Abdullah University Hospital 0

Patient Enrollments

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