Research Projects

MENA Committee for Research and Treatment in Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis mimickers on initial presentation: frequency, type and predictors
Author(s): B.I Yamout , S.J Khoury , N Ayyoubi , M Fakhreddine , H Doumiati , S.F Ahmed , H Tamim , J.Y Al-Hashel , R Behbehani , R Alroughani

Objective: To explore the frequency, type, and predictors of MS mimickers among cases referred to two specialized MS centers in the Middle East with a recent diagnosis of MS.
Methods: This is a retrospective review of a prospectively followed cohort of MS patients at 2 University specialized MS centers in Lebanon and Kuwait.

Risk of relapses during pregnancy among multiple sclerosis patients
R. Alroughani, S. Akhtar, M. Zeineddine, Y Kouzi, N. K. El Ayoubi, SF. Ahmed, R. Behbehani, S. J. Khoury, J. Al-Hashel, B. Yamout

Objective: To assess the relapse rate during pregnancy and post-partum period in MS patients and examine the relationship between the use of disease modifying therapies, washout periods and relapse rate.
Methodology: A cross-sectional cohort study was conducted using data from two MS registries in Kuwait and Lebanon.
JC Virus seroprevalnece and seroconversion among multiple sclerosis patients in the Middle East: A multi-center study

Objectives: To estimate JCV seroprevalence and risk of seroconversion against JCV among MS patients in the Eastern Mediterranean region
Methodology: both a cross-sectional and a longitudinal designs were implemented

MENACTRIMS registry:

Objectives: To establish a regional MS registry within the MENA region
Methodology: A database of MS cohorts in the regional MS centers and clinics is created using a software which will be then incorporated into a web-based registry database